Saba Besier

"My sculptural works are inspired by delightful freaks of nature, bringing awareness to their plight, but also celebrating the bizarre beauty of the many species we are losing due to climate change. The luminosity of porcelain adds an element of hope to the despondency of my subject."

Recovery - Porcelain and quartz on wood and iron base 36 x 83 x 26 in.

“I am a Pakistani-born, American artist and hold an MFA from Pratt Institute in New York. I am currently based in Dallas, Texas and have been an exhibiting artist for 25 years; showing my work both nationally and internationally.

My sculptural formations are both a celebration of oceanic organisms as well as an acknowledgment of the ecological trauma that is disrupting ecosystems as they disappear. Because of climate change, the ocean as a system is at risk, struggling to keep pace with human-caused conditions. The sculptural forms intermingle what could exist through caustic mutation or evolve on other planets, colonized if we deplete our own resources. These science-fiction-like growths combine plant, mineral, metal and human representations depicting the existence of other-worldly creatures, beauty molting out of hardened places.

In a way, this fantastical fluid transformation out of rigid materials symbolizes my own story. I found porcelain to be my primary medium due to its luminous characteristic, adding an element of hope to the despondency of my subject. I subscribe to the Bauhaus sensibility of combining intense relationship with the process of craft and Fine Art. Each work draws on a hard-earned expertise in the techniques of slab building, throwing, hand sculpting, metallurgy and alchemy. Mystical tension culminates from the unlikely organic mix of media combined with a nonconventional merging of artistries and a sense of movement constantly envisioned from years of professional video development.

Methods used in other cultures and eras meld with the discipline of formal art training. All of which conspire to bring these aquatic sculptures to life. I have chosen to maintain the inherent ivory coloration of porcelain in the forms to echo the bleaching that is happening to many sea organisms, and at times accompanied by black to signify the disruption they face.”

Inversion - Porcelain 26 x 26 in.
Detrahamus - Porcelain, quartz, copper, brass, steel and glass on wood base 36 x 38 x 38 in.
Dark Denial - Porcelain, chain link, glass, brass 18 x 32 in.
Pan's Peculiarities - Porcelain, glass, copper, brass, steel 27 x 17 x 14 in.

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