“Line and simplicity is what moves me to work on. Everyday life, especially in big cities, they are usually busy, noisy. I mean for my work to be calming, provoke silence and inward thought. My work is not to be regarded as simple, I want to communicate a sense of frankness and transparency.”

Sunny Roads, India ink, pastel, corrugated paper, Japanese paper, bark paper 62 x 94 cm

SABRINA V V was born in 1954 in the USA and lives in Mexico City. She studied Industrial Design at Iberoamericana University in Mexico City and attended art school at Surikoff Institute in Moscow, and she has taken many drawing and painting courses in different countries. Individual shows in her resume include in Mexico, Canada, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Luxembourg and she has participated in group shows in Canada, the USA, and Mexico. Sabrina V V was recently featured at the Boca Raton Art Fair Florida, and Spectrum Art Fair, Miami. To explain her art in three words, Sabrina describes “Expressive, wide-ranging, encompassing.”

Three Zapotes , Ink, acrylic, bark paper, Japanese paper, laminated mother of pearl 235 x 128 cm
Silence, India ink, acrylic on bark paper 27.5 x 29 cm
Sequential Lives, India ink, pastel, corrugated paper, Japanese paper, bark paper, hemp cord, metal 138 x 85 cm
Divergent Paths, India ink, Japanese paper 93 x 63 cm

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