Sally Gordon

"Underpinned by themes of identity, endurance and relationship to space, foremost my work is a reaction to what I see and feel around me at a given time - a narrative or form of documentation of contemporary life from a personal perspective."

In This Moment - Acrylic and ink on paper 65 x 68 cm

UK artist, Sally Gordon obtained a Master's Degree in Fine Art from Chelsea College of Art, London in 2017. This is a second career for her, having previously attained a Degree in Economics and had a career in Business. Since graduating from Chelsea, Sally has exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2019, won the D Contemporary Gallery People's Choice prize in 2019, and was shortlisted for The Wells Art Contemporary Prize in 2020.

Developed from smaller studies, both sketches and digital, Sally's works are often large scale, allowing space to paint loosely on the canvas in order to freely express herself. The use of bold colour and mark-making allow the paintings to 'shout out' from the walls. The paintings, incorporating both figurative and abstract elements are a reaction to the artist's experience of her surroundings, both physical and spiritual, at a given time.

Cabin Fever - Acrylic and oil on paper and canvas 182 x 150 cm
Trapped In A Bubble - Acrylic and oil on canvas 138 x 110 cm
Freedom Seekers - Acrylic on paper 60 x 45 cm
Quarantine - Oil on canvas 198 x 160 cm

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