Sally Lywood

"My art is definitely inspired by Norwegian nature; high mountains and deep fjords, Constantly changing light. As a material, I have been fascinated by transparent/translucent mediums like tissue paper and now tulle which give such a variation of tones and depth as the layers increase."

Nordic Mood 1 - Tulle on canvas 33 x 44 cm

“I am British and live in Norway. I have always drawn and painted from a child but serious artistic activity began with a one year stay on the Cook Islands, South Pacific in 1997/98. When I came back to Norway I continued doing art professionally and have continued ever since. I am part of an artist's cooperative. My work at present is mainly in collage and textile.”


Varatun gård, Sandnes, Norway 2016/17

Anne's Gallery, Sandnes, Norway 2013

Galleri X-IA, Sandnes, Norway 2005

The Crossroad Gallery,Sandnes, Norway 2004

Painted Penguin Gallery, Caldbeck, Cumbris, England 2003

"Artist of the Month", Vaux Gallery, Stavanger, Norway 2001/2

Fotland Bygdemolle, Time, Norway 2001

Tanta Molla, Stavanger, Norway 1999

National Museum, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, South Pacific 1998


Art Nordic, Copenhagen, Denmark 2018

Florence Biennale, Italy 2017 (juried)

Art Studio, Sana Don Piave, Venice, Italy 2015(juried)

NFUK members exhibition, Oslo City Hall Gallery, Norway 2014/16 (juried)

NFUK members exhibition, Stavern, Norway 2014/17 (juried)

Galleri La Pigna, Rome, Italy 2013

Anne's Gallery, Sandnes, Norway 2013

Utstein Gallery, Norway 2012

Framers Gallery, London 2010(juried)

Nordic Pastel Forum, Finland, Denmark and Norway 2007/8/9

Bankside Gallery, London, England 2007 (juried)

Nordic Pastel Forum, Falkenburg, Sweden 2006

Gallery X-IA, Sandnes, Norway 2005-14

Gallery 18976, Kristiansand, Norway 2005

Sola Culture Hall, Sola, Norway 2004/5

Nina Hosali prize (Runner Up), Free Painters Society, London, England 2007


Large mural, Jan Svela Co. Ltd, Bryne, Norway 2017

Art Project for Children at the British School, Gausel, Norway 2012

"First Grade Art", Grannes School, Norway  2007

"Marks in Signs". Childrens project, Time and Aalgaard, Norway 2006

"Artists of Tomorrow", Kindergarten Art Exhibition, Gallery X-IA, Sandnes, Norway 2006

Nordic Mood 2 - Tulle on canvas 33 x 44 cm
Flower 1 - Tulle on canvas 50 x 50 cm
Flower 2 - Tulle on canvas 50 x 50 cm
Untitled - Tulle on canvas 40 x 30 cm

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