Salomé Marivoet

"In my artworks I try to express a magical vision of the real, combining linear material with the subtle immaterial or spiritual that surrounds it, in an invitation to the observer to go through different perspectives or levels of the inner and external worlds of life."

Sky overview - Acrylic on two plexiglass boards 40 x 40 cm

Salomé Marivoet is a visual artist living in Lisbon, Portugal. She completed studies in Painting at the Portuguese National Society of Fine Arts and holds a Ph.D. in Sociology. With an academic career, she has presented her artistic work in collective and individual exhibitions, since 2001.

The five artworks featured here are inserted in the series "Liminalities", which is inspired by experiences in the current pandemic state. The concept of liminality refers to the interstitial condition, appearing in an ephemeral way on the social structures, however with the potential to create changes. It is characterised by states of passage located in space and time, even though in an indeterminate and undefined way.

Thereby, in the continuous aesthetic approach of this concept, the two pieces entitled "Liminalities #1 and #2", evoke a space-time in which the being, when turning towards itself, accesses a view where interior and exterior top and bottom reconnect in a holistic conception of the real. I deepen this idea in a more large view on the piece entitled "Sky overview", composed of two plexiglass boards with 40 x 40 cm, in a grey box with 6 cm depth, lighted at the bottom. On the base layer, fluid acrylic paint was used while the forms of the upper plate were drawn with an acrylic ink pen.

Finally, the two pieces entitled "Curricula #1 and #2" focus on the action of the self in the world, emphasizing something subtle that permeates the simple archive of testimonies made as the juxtaposed sum of tasks, deeds, or job positions held. The spiral of the circumference of the square of the first piece gives the observer a view of the whole, and the second details the climb. The sculptural piece "Curricula #1" consists of 2740 squares paper sheets of 14 x 14 cm on a traditional diskette format, stacked in an acrylic structure with 40 cm of height, and the "Curricula #2" is a detailed photograph of the first printed on plexiglass board with 40 x 40 cm.

Liminalities #1 - Acrylic on canvas 40 x 40 cm
Curricula #2 - Photograph printed on plexiglass board 40 x 40 cm
Liminalities #6 - Acrylic on canvas 40 x 40 cm
Curricula #1 - Paper sheets stacked in an acrylic structure 14 x 14 x 40 cm

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