Samah Hallgren

"Art and photography evoke strong emotions and feelings. As a professional artist, creator and photographer, I have dedicated years to the arts and I am constantly seeking new and innovative ways to develop new skills. I love giving life to a free flow of imagination."

Female Couture - Acrylic 29 x 42 cm

"I love giving life to a free flow of imagination and capture the beauty of objects and different places I have visited. I experiment with different mediums which allow me to express different ideas.

Everything in between creating different magical figurative, abstract mixed-media artworks of charcoal, oil and acrylic that articulates the essence of emotion and celebrates the human spirit. Evocative, emotional and imbued with great visual energy, my figurative portraits combine expressionism as exposing the complexity of subjects and allowing viewers to feel the tension hiding behind the subjects."

Samah Hallgren is a self-taught artist from Sweden, currently living in Kungsbacka and actively producing artwork in a  variety of media.

Yellow Sensation - Acrylic 81 x 65 cm
Empty Energy - Acrylic 81 x 65 cm
Full of Fear - Acrylic 81 x 65 cm
Whispers of a Woman - Acrylic 29 x 42 cm

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