Samuel Cheeseman

“I view my work as a way to connect with the great artisans of the past. A sketch or idea leads onto maquettes, which enables full-size drawings and prototypes. It involves many different disciplines using traditional and experimental techniques. I aim to record moments of precision and beauty.”

Tropical Depression - Wood, Metal, and Paint - 24cm x 8cm - £4,000

English artist Samuel Cheeseman lives and works in Hayling Island, England, where he hones his craft just steps away from the thunder of the ocean. Sam's artistic visions are fortified by 25 years of skills acquired working as an engineer, fabricator, and finisher. Drawing from the tempering of these experiences, Sam began to uncover further mysteries in both metal and wood.

Over the last five years, Sam has established his own workshop and crafted unique tools. He designs, develops, and produces pieces for a variety of clients. Sam's unique visions now take center stage, and this gallery serves as his invitation for you to join us in exploring his current work and the development of future themes.

Harmony in Kiwi - Wood, Metal, Gemstones, and Paint - 23cm x 6cm - £3,000
Royal Existence - Metal, Gemstones, Wood, and Paint - 40cm x 20cm - £4,800
The Untold Element - Wood, Metal, Gemstones - 20cm x 20cm - £3,600
Vortex of Flavors - Wood, Metal, Corian, Gemstones, and Paint - 27cm x 20cm - £3,800

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