Sandra Haney

"Inspired by my surroundings, I am particularly interested in atmosphere. Occasionally working en plein air, I am attracted to strong composition, light and tonal contrast. I like to begin my paintings in a loose gestural manner which determines the route the painting is to take."

Winter Reflections 1 - Oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm

"In 1980s London, I participated in various drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking courses, including a Fine Art and Critical Studies BA at Central St Martins, developing my practice while earning a living. 

Four decades later, I have held several solo exhibitions, taken part in numerous group ones, selling my work internationally.  A member of both Northern Print and North Of England Art Club, I still like to experiment with media, but always return to painting. 

My focus over the past two years has been on paintings inspired by local landscapes. The outdoors has been particularly significant during times of lockdown. I like to minimise subject detail, preferring to emphasise tonal contrast and colour in my aim to represent something of the atmosphere and prevailing weather conditions at a specific time. For me, nature provides an ever-changing constant. 

My work is available in local galleries and online where it has been chosen to feature by curators in two major art selling platforms."

Winter Reflections 2 - Oil on canvas 30 x 40 cm
Winter Walk - Oil on canvas 31 x 23 cm
The Stream - Acrylic on board 120 x 66 cm
Path over the Top - Oil on canvas 23 x 31 cm

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