Sara Hupas

"My works result from the need to organize and give meaning to what people have abandoned and treated as waste. I draw inspiration from phenomena, situation and the specific characteristics of matter. I create abstract works containing an emotional element referring to the psyche and human experience."

UNDERSTANDING, steel rod, sponge recycled, upholstery springs, cord jute, 130x550x150 cm

"My adventure with art began with going to the Public Art School in Opole - that's where I developed my observation skills and aroused my curiosity about the world around me. After defending my diploma thesis with the accomplishment of Scenographic technology, I continued my education in the field of Artistic Education in Visual Arts. Getting to know more disciplines of art, as well as deepening the ones I already knew, I had the opportunity to specify my creative needs. And that's how my sculpture began to build my creative way. Bachelor's thesis became the starting point for later activities at the Sculpture Department of the Krakow Academy of Art, where I opened the door to constant doubts and the desire to create sculptural activities from a small form to monumental realizations. My work is the result of my experiences, emotional states, and structural fascinations.

Through my work, I want to know myself and the reality in which I live. I process the collected materials so as to emphasize their properties as well as to refer to their history or previous function/application. In doing this, I am constantly accompanied by a need for ordering and giving meaning to what man has abandoned and treated as waste. When I immerse myself in the material, I try to extract content that has been hidden somewhere deep. The anthropological element is also essential. In matter, I am interested in its properties, as well as the trace of human presence left on it, which on the one hand is the creator of life, and on the other hand, produces products that are part of their own destruction. I use materials such as recycled sponge, recycled paper, honeycomb cardboard, agrotextile, jute rope, styrofoam, Bee wax and what will fall into my hands. In addition, an important place in my creative work is foundry in such materials as bronze, aluminum, and cast iron. It is thanks to this process that I am able to preserve or even protect the acquired materials from complete destruction.”

HARVESTING - Recycled paper, 0.6mm wide strips, maximum up to 4m. board OSB: 1,5x30x30 cm
ASPECT - Sponge recycled, hot glue, width 97 cm, variable dimensions
FREESTANDING - Sponge recycled, upholstery springs, 4 mirrors (50x50cm) (2x) 50x427x50 cm
CONSONANCE - Sponge recycled, hot glue, cord jute, variable dimensions

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