Sasha Madrigal

"I believe that the beauty of imperfection and chaos lies in their ability to reflect the complexities and imperfections of the world around us. Life is messy and unpredictable, and I believe that my art will invite viewers to embrace the beauty and imperfection of the world around us."

Mermaid Whisper - Canvas, Acrylic, Floetrol, Varnish

"I am an artist who creates stunning and dynamic works of art using the pouring technique. I am inspired by the fluidity and movement of the natural world, and my art often features vibrant colors and flowing forms that capture the essence of these phenomena. In my pouring artwork, I use a range of materials, including paint, ink, and resin, to create layered and textured pieces that are full of movement and energy. 

My work is characterized by my bold and expressive use of color, and I am known for my ability to capture the beauty and complexity of the chaos around us. Through my pouring technique, I hope to inspire a sense of wonder and curiosity in others, encouraging them to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world around us with imagination and escapism into colorful worlds we create."

Clown Fire - Canvas Acrylic, Floetrol, Varnish
Escaping into the Unknown - Canvas, Acrylic, Floetrol, Varnish
In love again - Canvas, Acrylic, Fleotrol, Varnish
Entering the Unknown - Canvas, Acrylic, Fleotrol, Varnish

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