Sean Severin

"Addiction isn't always negative & Obsessions are essential to creativity. No fantasy is unrealistic, I want to touch your soul with silence."

Supreme Being

Born 1986 in Orange County, California, Sean Severin was raised in a family of creative artists and started drawing his own characters as a young child. He continued to draw daily throughout his adolescent and teenage years. After the unsolved murder of his grandparents, he found himself in a place of darkness; seeing only a world of destruction, chaos, filth, and greed. Painting led him to discover his ability to release emotions without having to speak, allowing him to turn all the chaos into peace.

God of Gods
The Original Angry Bird

Most of his artworks are made with re-purposed materials ranging from wood to old doorknobs. "One person's junk is someone else's treasure." is something he enjoys sharing. Using acrylic paints with airbrush, resin, wood burning and brass inlays Sean is able to get the multiple different textures on his pieces. Pushing limits out of his comfort zone, he's always looking for the next material he can put into his current pieces. Recently he's been incorporating lightning into his projects creating a dramatic texture that he likes to call "Juicing".  One of his favorite quote by the famous, Eugene Bell Jr., "Aspire to Inspire, Before we Expire."

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