Serena Casali

“When I saw and commented on a series of works performed by the painter Serena Casali, I indicated an assonance in shades dear to the period of the 80s of the late Mario Schifano. It was the artist born in Homs who claimed to want to "paint the painting." Casali starts from this statement.” - Alain Chivilò

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Serena Casali was born in Naples on 03/15/1961, Sicilian by origin, teacher of Ed. Physics at the IC of Spresiano (Tv), where she lives and works as a painter and ceramist. She has always shown an innate passion for art that she develops as a self-taught person, thoroughly experimenting with painting techniques, giving charm to all her artistic production with her own personal research. She attended courses in painting, figure, ceramics, raku, Zen painting, oil and engraving with various local masters and became active in some artistic associations in the Treviso area.Her works soon gained approval and are present in various public and private and documented collections, in various catalogs, galleries, art magazines, websites including Euroarte, Artnow, Artisti 19, Artisti 20, Celeste network, Arte Italiana, Soloartedonna. She has participated in competitions, collective and personal in Italy, Europe and America

Serena Casali draws inspiration from her photographic shots, freezes a precise scene and then elaborates a personal mutation that allows her to reflect on the cyclical nature of time. She uses mixed and experimental techniques, carries out contaminations with various materials. She favors the figurative and the landscape, nature, animals and the element of water; arrives at an abstract-informal representation to highlight the chromatic power and its vigorous energy.The works of Serena Casali are reviewed by journalists and well-known art critics, including Vittorio Sgarbi – Romano Battaglia, Alain Chivilò – Philippe Daverio – Maria Luisa Ferraguti – Sandro Gazzola – Ombretta Frezza – Paolo Levi – Sandro Serradifalco – Giorgio Vulcano – Leonarda Zappulla.

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