Shan Ogdemli

"My work is inspired by light and color, patterns from biology, physics and geometry, by the Earth and Cosmos, by the interconnectedness of all things, by op art, pop art and the miracle of life."

Pink Moon - Acrylic & diatomaceous earth on canvas 37 x 48 in.

"I have been a working artist my entire life, wearing many hats that include fine artist, licensed artist, illustrator, product designer, graphic designer, creative director and entrepreneur. I've owned and co-owned several successful artistic business endeavors, including my graphic design and illustration studio, Ogdemli Feldman Design + Illustration; my art licensing business, Designs by Shan; and a worldwide licensed brand phenomenon called Pampered Girls. 

After many years working in the commercial art and design fields in Los Angeles, my husband and I have recently relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I have finally been able to make the necessary life changes to be able to focus full-time on my true passion of creating my fine art. 

I work in multiple styles and media that include large-scale paintings in acrylic mixed with diatomaceous earth, as well as in digital media. My acrylic paintings are heavily textured with expressive brush strokes that add movement and energy, with color harmonies meticulously built from several layers of translucent and opaque paint. 

My digital images are what I call "digital drawings" because they all start as pencil drawings on paper, which are then scanned and redrawn by hand in Illustrator, then meticulously colored using Illustrator and Photoshop in much the same way as my layered acrylic paintings. 

My subjects in both media include light and color, patterns from life, science and math, dots, spots, circles, particles, waves, energy, flowing lines, spirals, mandalas and abstract landscapes. 

Inspirations include Op Art of the '60s and 70's, Victor Vasarely, Yaakov Agam, Mark Rothko, Vincent Van Gogh, Emilio Pucci, Alan Turing, biology, geometry, astronomy, physics, quantum physics and metaphysics."

Sea Spots - Digital media, Giglée print on stretched canvas 28 x 28 in.
Moana Kala Kala - Digital media, Giglée print on stretched canvas 28 x 28 in.
Rose Nebula - Acrylic & diatomaceous earth on canvas 54 x 54 in.
Blue Sunflower - Acrylic & diatomaceous earth on canvas 60 x 60 in.

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