Shane Young

"My art depicts the spiritual development of the human soul. What's important to me is the evolution of the human race. Favourite quote "There is no such thing as a mistake."

THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS - Acrylic on canvas 71 x 92 cm £550

"I was born into a normal family, and throughout my life, I have continuously moved from one place to another. Art has always been a profound passion of mine, as it holds the power to evoke a range of emotions within oneself. I find solace in connecting my physical being with my higher self, harmoniously exploring the limitless possibilities of human evolution."

Movement of Colours - Acrylic on canvas 89 x 115 cm £450
Red Angel - Acrylic on canvas 57 x 77 cm £250
Climate Distress - Acrylic on canvas 57 x 77 cm £275
Construction for Destruction - Acrylic on canvas 46 x 81 cm £250

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