Simi Abdulkareem

"My paintings show the beauty of our free spirits, and affirm the fact that anything is possible if only we believe in it."

Lemons - 23 x18 in.

"I'm an artist who is passionate about the art world, I love writing poems based on my artwork, as well as reciting and singing. Since my childhood, I liked writing poems and being creative from my imagination. I have been teaching art lessons for many years from my home studio (ArtBeat) in Atlanta. My Poems and Paintings are being published in North American Network of  Malayalee Muslim Association yearbook  (NANMMA ). Few of my Poems were published on"

( , , . My paintings were selected in the Colors of Humanity Art Gallery (

Colors of Strength - 23 x 18 in.
Vase with Yellow Roses - 20 x 16 in.
My Heart 26 x 20 in.
Cat - 26 x 20 in.

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