Simi Larisch

Deconstruction of film. The term "Mainstream" is often used with a negative connotation. In a more positive sense, it creates a collective memory and thus becomes, even decades later, a strong link between the individuals of a society.

Titanic 1997 - Original VHS tape (woven) 100 x 100 cm

From Germany, Simi Larisch has worked as a freelance artist and graphic designer out of her studio in Düsseldorf since 2005. 


Select Exhibitions

11/2022  Frauenmuseum | Bonn | 27th Art Fair

09/2022 Stadtmuseum | Düsseldorf | Da! Art Award

06/2022 Museum Kunst Palast | Düsseldorf | Die Grosse 

06/2022 FMDK e.V. | Munich | Kunstsalon SINE LOCO



2019 Doctorate in Art History at HHU Düsseldorf (Dr. phil.)

2012 Sponsorship Award for Master's thesis: "Kunstpunkte - The visit to the studio. Between authenticity claim, voyeurism and commerce"

2011 M.A. art history HHU Düsseldorf

2005 B.A. art history and media science HHU Düsseldorf 

2003 Certificate study program at "Neue Kunstschule Zürich"

1999 State-certified designer for media and communication 

Love Actually 2003 - Print on canvas 50 x 300 cm
Jungle Book 1967 - Original VHS tape (woven) 100 x 100 cm
Fight Club 1999 - Print on canvas 50 x 300 cm
The Exorcist 1973 - Original VHS tape (woven) 100 x 100 cm

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