Sonia Lucia Pirchi

Sonia Lucia Pirchi is a multidisciplinary artist from Argentina.

Light Tube

"Your creations resonate on a profound level, aligning with the dynamic currents of energetic sensations and the evolving consciousness emanating from our planetary home, Earth.

Through your artistic endeavors, you achieve the remarkable feat of drawing individuals closer, elevating their awareness, and contributing to the betterment of those with heightened consciousness.

In its minimal state, your art serves to envelop that plane; in its intermediate state, it has the power to uplift; and in its elevated form, it strives to enhance.

What sets your work apart is its ability to serve as a tangible, visual gateway, allowing people to step into a new era and navigate the uncharted territory of our shared world—the vessel that cradles and sustains us. Your creations extend beyond the canvas, harmonizing the external and internal realms, bringing balance to the very core of each individual.

I would describe your art as the embodiment of the new age, or perhaps the era of timelessness."

  • Curator Cristian Jesús Agostini.
Golden Light

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