Sony Zero

"I draw, paint and sculpt in various mediums. My work explores the bridge between reality and the subliminal and my passion is to reflect upon this translucent world with its unknown coalescence of images, layers, and colors."

Swirling Air - Oil on panel

"Themes in my work are often evocative of the human condition; reconnecting with our essence and the ancient art of telling a story. My inspiration stems from all life, from culture, from nature, from unfurling curiosity.

Working between the mediums of painting and sculpture, each piece maintains an ongoing evolution of my work. Sculptural forms emerge from within a painting and painted forms lay within the surfaces of a sculpture. I often begin an art piece from an emerging eye shape that first becomes visible in the under-layers of the material or ground. It is from this point that the composition, perspective, and idea is born rather than from a pre-existing concept."

Distorted Light - Glass with inclusions
Converge and Advance - Oil on panel
Propulsion - Pencil on paper
Swirling Air - Oil on panel

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