Sotaro Takanami

"I paint every day because I have a strong desire to paint. I am particularly inspired by the things I see in times of hardship and sadness."

The Beginning of Space - Oil on canvas 29 x 107 in. $40,540

Sotaro Takanami, a renowned Japanese artist, was born in Tokyo in 1949. His artistic talent lies in the realm of painting, and his career has been marked by numerous notable achievements. In 1986, he achieved a significant milestone by simultaneously releasing the print book "Nature" in Tokyo and Paris, through the prestigious Française Collection. In 2002, Takanami held a solo exhibition at the esteemed Yoshii Gallery in Paris, showcasing his captivating artworks. Two years later, in 2004, Yoshii Gallery exhibited the original paintings of his acclaimed work "12 Monkey Haiku" at the RMN (Reunion des Musees Nationaux ARLYS), and the collection was subsequently published. His remarkable success garnered him an invitation to the Elysee Palace, and his works were made available for sale at renowned bookstores in Paris, including those at the Louvre and Guimet.

In 2010, Takanami's publication titled "The Beginning of Space: The Beginning of The Gods" was published in the Middle East, thanks to the support of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation. Additionally, his makeup sketches of Yokozuna Hakuhoseki, a sumo wrestler, were also featured. Over the years, he has held more than 100 solo exhibitions at Takashimaya department stores across Japan and various galleries throughout the country. 

Takanami's talent and recognition extended beyond his homeland, as he participated in numerous exhibitions at international art fairs starting from 2019. In 2021, he had the honor of holding a solo exhibition in New York, further establishing his global presence. Looking ahead, in 2024, Takanami is scheduled to have a two-month solo exhibition at the Takashimaya Archives Museum, marking a significant milestone as it is his first solo exhibition at the museum since the company's founding in 1831.

Field Flowers - Oil on canvas 29 x 36 in. $140,000
Fall in Love - Oil on canvas18 x 10.7 in. $7,100
Field Flowers - Oil on canvas 29 x 36 in. $140,000
Field Flowers Celosia Argentea - Oil on canvas 21 x 16 in. $8,900

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