Spectrum Brooklyn - Contest Finalists

Congratulations on your distinction in our contest. 

As one of 60 Contest Finalists we are happy to offer you a 20% off the regular cost to exhibit within the World Wide Art booth at Spectrum Brooklyn Art fair this September 10-12, 2021 at Brooklyn’s Expo Center.

The deadline to submit an application for exhibiting is July 28, 2021.
No applications will be accepted after this deadline.

Please read all details below and fill out the application form to provide us the details of the artwork you wish to send to the show.

Exhibition Costs

The below prices include a 20% discount

Discounted Prices for Art on the Wall

• Minimum wall space for 1 piece: 1x1 foot or 30x30 cm is $480

• $1,080 per linear foot (30 cm) width, and the entire height of the wall (10 feet or 3 meters).

• $860 per linear foot (or per 30 cm) for spaces between 3 and 7 feet (90 – 210 cm) width and the entire height of the wall (10 feet or 3 meters).

• $692 per linear foot (or per 30 cm) for wall spaces over 7 feet (210 cm)and the entire height of the wall (10 feet or 3 meters).

• For single works of height less than 5 feet or 150 cm, if we hang a work by another artist above or below it, the cost will be 40% of the cost of the entire height of the wall.

It is possible to hang works on top of each other, but we need to see photos of the works and the dimensions, to see if they go well together and make an attractive combination, and are not overcrowded.



Discounted Prices Prices for 3D Art (sculpture or installation)

If works need a pedestal, this must be provided by the artist.

• Up to 5 square feet: $880 per square foot or per 900 square centimeters.

• 5 – 10 square feet: $640 per square foot or per 900 square centimeters.

• 10 square feet and more: $480 per square foot or per 900 square centimeters.


The participation cost includes

• Insurance when the works are at the venue, for the duration of the show • Packing and Unpacking of Art • Hanging and Installation • Quality Exhibition Lighting • Wall Tags (Title, Size, Medium, Price) • Display table for Business cards, books and flyers • Unlimited Guest passes • Optional shipping of works from our offices in Santa Barbara to the venue and back, at the artist’s expense.  • Listing of each artist in our catalog for the show and in our promotional email campaign for the show.

Please note that shipping is a separate expense that is the responsibility of the artist. 

All works must be shipped ready to hang.

Sculptures and free-standing works must be shipped with all display elements included.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the show?  The show dates are September 10-12, 2021

Where is the show?  Brooklyn Expo Center,  72 Noble Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

What booth will I exhibit in? You will be exhibiting in the World Wide Art booth. (Booth number to be announced. See floor plan here)

Do I need to come to the show? No, you do not need to travel to NYC for the show.

Commissions and New York Sales Tax. We receive 15% commission on any sold artwork at the exhibit. The artist must keep in mind when pricing the artwork that the NYC Sales Tax is about 4,5% .

How much will it cost to exhibit? The total cost for the wall space is calculated by the exact dimensions of the work you wish to exhibit. To be able to give you an exact quote on cost, you must fill out the application above, giving us the details on how many works you want to exhibit and their exact dimensions.

When is the deadline to apply? The deadline to submit your application is July 28, 2021.


More Questions? Ask Thomas@wwab.us