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We invite visual artists working in all disciplines to participate in this contest and win free participation at Spectrum Miami Art Fair. Spectrum is one of the world's leading art fairs with thousands of visitors and one of the best venues to exhibit art. Normally participation at Spectrum costs anywhere from $2,000 - $20,000. 

Through this contest, we will offer 1 artist the chance to exhibit one, two, three or four works for free at Spectrum Miami Art Fair, this December 5-9.  The winning artist will exhibit within the World Wide Art and Artavita Pavilion. 

About the Exhibition

Where is it?  In Miami, Florida (1700 NE 2nd Avenue)

When is it?  During Art Basel (December 5 - 9 2018)

What is it?  A leading international art fair with thousands of visitors, art collectors, and professionals

Spectrum Miami is a contemporary art show in the heart of Miami’s Arts & Entertainment District, featuring an international slate of artists and galleries. It’s where contemporary meets extraordinary. The show includes not only a variety of incredible art but also Art Labs, Art Talks, Meet the Artist sessions, music, entertainment, and other special events. This exhibition is produced by the Redwood Media Group and has a very bold presence in the press and thousands of visitors come to the show to see and buy art. With attention to detail and engaging aesthetics, Spectrum Miami is exceptional in its standards and guidelines, to ensure a streamlined, crisp, and clean venue for gallery owners, designers, architects, and collectors to enjoy.

With over 38,000 visitors in 2017, Spectrum Miami is one of the best shows to sell art, gain new audiences, and connect with galleries and art professionals.

About This Contest

The Cost: 20 Euro (about $22) per image entry

The Deadline:  July 20, 2018

The Prize:  Exhibit 1, 2, 3 or 4 artworks for free at Spectrum Miami Art Fair.

Also includes

✓Representation of your works at the art fair
✓Insurance when the works are at the venue, for the duration of the show
 ✓ Packing and Unpacking of Art
 ✓ Hanging and Installation
 ✓ Quality Exhibition Lighting
 ✓ Wall Tags (Title, Size, Medium, Price)
✓ Display table for Business cards, books and flyers
✓ Unlimited Guest passes
 ✓Free storage of your artworks at our California office before and after the show (if needed)
✓Listing in the show catalog and in the promotional email campaign for the show.
The shipping of your artworks to and from the show is not included.
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Media Accepted: Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Illustration, Drawing, Collage, Printmaking, Installation, Performance, Digital Art, Video Art, Mixed media, 

Please note: After you upload your images you will receive a confirmation email. Your images will be added to the contest entries page within 3 business days.

60 Artists will receive a Contest Finalist Certificate and a discount to exhibit with us at the art fair.

 Image upload: Please no files over 6MB

Prepare your images and click the red button below to complete the contest entry form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to come to the show? No, it is not necessary to come to the show. We will professionally represent your art. Of course being at the show increases your chances of selling and is a great opportunity to network. 
How is this show promoted?  Spectrum Miami will advertise in a wide range of prominent arts and entertainment publications across the U.S. Some of the more prominent media in which print ads and editorial will appear include:

Art in America: Circulation – 75,000+   Florida Design Magazine: Circulation – 175,639

Miami New Times: Circulation – 70,000   Miami Herald: Circulation – 164,332

ARTnews: Circulation – 70,118    Art & Antiques: Circulation – 119,680

Gallery Guide: Circulation – 40,000    Art Business News: Circulation – 12,000

ArtSlant: Circulation – 12,000    WHERE: Circulation – 250,000

Art Basel Guides  ArtNexus  • REFINEDr  • Miami Art Map

Is there a size limitation? No, we don’t have a size limit. But do consider that since shipping fees are the artist’s responsibility going too large might increase the shipping cost.
What payments do you accept? You can check out using PayPal or Card.
How much is 20 Euro in USD? 20Euro is about 23 US Dollars. 
Can you advise me which images to add to this contest? Unfortunately, we cannot advise you which images to add to this contest as it would be unfair to other participants.
How many images can I add to this contest? You can add up to 10 images.
Why should I participate in this contest? This contest is a great chance to win free participation in an exhibition that otherwise costs many hundreds of dollars. Also, all participants receive a certificate and 60 finalists will receive Finalist Certificate.
Why should I care about this show? This is one of most important art fairs worldwide. Miami during Basel is the place for the active artist to be. It is where the world’s largest galleries make most sales. Exhibiting at Spectrum is not only a great addition to your resume but a real chance to network. The show also includes workshops, lectures, labs and other exciting events.
What if I don't win the contest? 60 Artists will be named Contest Finalists, will receive a named + signed Certificate as well as a discount to exhibit with us at the show. 
Commissions and Florida Sales Tax. We receive 15% commission on any sold artwork at the exhibit. The artist must keep in mind when pricing the artwork that the Florida Sales Tax is 7%.