Issue 10

On the Front Cover: Olga Fine Arts
On the Back Cover: Herbert Hermans

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Will Argueta ∙ Jennifer Baird ∙ Alison Barrows-Young ∙ Leila Bokel ∙ Olha Bosak ∙ D.H. Boutin ∙ Fernando Braune ∙ Ruth Burke Art ∙ Ivor B. Coburn ∙ Betty Collier ∙ Patricia Creyns ∙ Pompeyo Curbelo Martin ∙ Ute Eiselt ∙ Carolyn Enz Hack ∙ Silvia Fernández De La Torre ∙ Angelo Gabriele Fierro ∙ Gustavs Filipsons ∙ Linda Gleitz ∙ Jarl Goli ∙ Atelier Heike Gramckow ∙ Howard Harris ∙ Herbert Hermans ∙ Hany Houssien ∙ Maz Jackson ∙ Ulla Maria Johanson ∙ Carol Lynn Kirchner ∙ Rizah Kulenovic ∙ Antonella Laganà ∙ Hanne Laland ∙ Jamalat V Larach ∙ Elizabeth Laul Healey ∙ Maureen Lazarus ∙ Lee Kwong Tim Jackson ∙ Olgafinearts ∙ Karl Weiming Lu ∙ Brigitte Lurton ∙ Marlo (Marianne Charlotte Mylonas-Svikovsky) ∙ Päivyt Niemeläinen ∙ Yuichi Onouchi ∙ Jana Osterhus ∙ Eva Otterström ∙ Amalia Padilla De Gregg ∙ Fotini Pappa ∙ Barbara Pazzaglia ∙ Sarah Pope ∙ Px Rh ∙ Dee Rapposelli ∙ Hanna Rheinz ∙ Natalia Rose ∙ Alexander Saner ∙ Christina H. Seibold ∙ Danguole Serstinskaja ∙ Valery Sidorkin ∙ Tejbir Singh ∙ Alexandra Spyratos ∙ Nancy Staub Laughlin ∙ Shuichi Takada ∙ Samanta Tello ∙ Hilary Thursfield ∙ Adrienne Walker Hoard ∙ Laura Way ∙ Roxana Werner ∙ Eric Wiles Photography ∙ Mayumi Yamakawa ∙ Grady Zeeman

We introduce 65 international artists working in a wide range of media and present you with an exclusive, curated selection of two- and three-dimensional artwork that should be collected. As with our previous volumes, we examine what art looks like today and share with you statements by the artists that provide you with additional insight not only on each maker’s individual practice but also ideas about art, expression and concept in general. Enjoy leafing through this magazine, visit each artist’s website to see more about their art and inquire with us or them directly to acquire a piece, hire the artist, or collaborate with them.

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