Issue 16

On the Front Cover - Sarah Capps
On the Back Cover - Hanna Rheinz
This issue includes a unique selection of 75 artists from around the globe working in a variety of media. With a wide range of aesthetic the pages of the magazine provide a comprehensive chapter in the story of what art looks like today. Flip through the pages to discover art worth collecting and contact each artist directly to discuss acquiring a piece.

Recent Artwork by

ARo, Marjorie Atwood, Janet Bell, Felix B. Bofil, Leila Bokel, Adrianna Bonomi, Howard Branch, Varda Breger, Sarah Capps, Isabel Carafì, Betty Collier, Pompeyo Curbelo Martin, Claire Davenhall, Mitra N. Devon, Jill Dowell, Arthur Dworin, Lorena Fernandez, G. Pack, Paul Hartel, J. Herman, Stephanie C Holznecht, Atom Hovhanesyan, Iñaki, Mae Jeon, Kees Juffermans, Thuy Linh Bennett Kang, Sadaf Kobari, Lars E Korse, Laura Kucharyson, Naini Kumar, Marcello La Neve, Kirsten Laken, Barbara Lawrence, Griselda Lechini, Jackson Lee, Maria Lipan, Bogusław Lustyk, Margarita Makarova, Ramya Manthena, Natalie McGuire, Linda McKenny, Gert Meindertsma, Regina Merta, Miriam Miller, Mohsen Modiri, Fakhera Mohamed, Manuel Morquecho, Christine Norton, Britta Ortiz, Fotini Pappa, Eloa Jane Pereira, Laurent Pheulpin, Ulla Plougmand, Jean Jacques Porret, Emily Rake, Rayag, Hanna Rheinz, Roswitha Riedl, Newton Rocha, Ute Saparautzki-Kunz, Carmen Selves, Aparajita Sen, Jasmine Seo, Joan Burger Siem, Roxy Sora, Hanna Supetran, Rosângela Vig, Sven Weigle, Roxana Werner, Marti White, Charles Whiting, Michael Harris Wilson, Magdalena Wozniak-Melissourgaki, Michael K. Yamaoka, Haydee Yordan

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Print copies of the 16th Issue of SPOTLIGHT Magazine are available for direct order to your address of choice.  This is a premium quality, glossy magazine at 21 x 29 cm (or 8.2 x 11.4 inches).  Magazine Details: 102 pages Full color.  Printed in The Netherlands. Published in France by Circle Foundation Art Press. Distributed internationally.

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