On the Front Cover:
Winnie Ks Hui
On the Back Cover
Mally Elbaz Almandine
We look at artwork in a variety of media and style by 79 international visual artists. From painting, illustration, collage, video, sculpture and ceramics, photography to mixed and digital media we have compiled a unique selection of artworks that discuss a variety of themes. What is the role of the artist today? What is the function of art? Why should we continue to support and promote the arts? What is art and how far can the definition be flexed? These are some of the questions that we invite you to consider while leafing through this issue of Spotlight Magazine. We present you with an exclusive, curated selection of artwork to gaze, contemplate and collect. Visit each artist’s website to learn more about their career and connect with them directly. Inquire with us about purchasing a work in this magazine.

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