Issue 7 

On the Front Cover
Ronna S. Harris
On the Back Cover
Andrew Lincoln Nelson

We examine artwork by 79 contemporary artists working in a variety of style and producing work in a wide range of media. We look at how each work opens a new chapter in the story of what art looks like today, the themes which it involves and the thoughts that it invokes; from the social and the political to the psychological or the purely aesthetic. We present you with an exclusive, curated selection of artwork to gaze, contemplate and collect. Visit each artist’s website to learn more about their career and connect with them directly. Inquire with us about purchasing a work in this magazine.

Select Artwork by

Janice Alamanou • Joan Andal Romano • Rune Baashus • Baerenz-Cao • Alan Beckstead • Studio Bender • Eden Bender • Berit Bjørseth • Frans Bleiji • D.H. Boutin • Wayne Branch • Spencer J Brewer • Rae Broyles • Ordí Calder • Eva Cocco • Santiago Cohen • Muriel Dolemieux • Sharon Duguay • Cynthia Fleischmann • Meghanad Ganpule • Margaretha Gubernale • Ronna S. Harris • Katherine Houston • Grace Huang • Jeffro • Todd Jones • Suwijak Kaewmaliwong • Seppo Kari • Kipp • Shauna Lan La • Linda Lasson • Bea Last - Artist / Mentor • Lobykin • Mahood • Maizianne • Zhanna Martin • Jiri Maska • Lucy Mattos • Stephen McGuinness • Trevor Messersmith • Karin Monschauer • Anne Swan Moore • Gabriele Musebrink • N Lin • Andrew Lincoln Nelson • Tony Okura-Martins • Nancy Plank • Monika Plioplyte • Jean Jacques Porret • Gregor Pratneker • Ronda Richley • Sergiu Roman • Wayne Charles Roth • Keenya Rotunda Fine Art • Katerina Rozhkova • Mario Salvo • Amelia Kate Sampson • Petra Schott • Adele Sciortino • On-Kyeong Seong • Tricia Skoglund • Richard Lee Smith Jr. • Martin Spilker • Helene Steene • J. Swan • Sarah Szabo • Bernadetta Tajs • N H Teetelli • Sara Twomey • Jan Peter Van Opheusden • Miroslav Vrzala • Gary Wagner • Dave Weindorf • Sophia Maayan Weisstub • Max Werner • Marti White • Michael K. Yamaoka • Yelena York • Ekaterina Zacharova

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