Issue 8

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Arrachme Art ∙ Imai Atsushi ∙ Maria Bacha ∙ Jenny Bennett ∙ René Berrut ∙ Stephen Blancett ∙ D.H. Boutin ∙ Melinda Bunjaku "Meellz" ∙ Jun Gueco Cruz ∙ Paul Downs ∙ J.F. Ellman ∙ Wendy Fee ∙ Gustavs Filipsons ∙ Jerry L. Gadd ∙ Manny Gaona ∙ Laura Greenstein ∙ Winston Harrell ∙ Herbert Hermans ∙ Diane Holland ∙ Nancy Lynn Holleran ∙ Nasia Houvarda ∙ Mae Jeon ∙ Anca Jitariu ∙ Anne Lise Kaaby Aas ∙ Angela Keller ∙ Tashi Khan ∙ Namita Kohli ∙ Lee Kwong Tim Jackson ∙ Lana Leuchuk ∙ Mauro Martin ∙ Pertti Matikainen ∙ Bradley Jay Meyer ∙ Ylenia Mino ∙ Marius Valentin Mosutan ∙ Karin Monschauer ∙ Wolfgang Müller ∙ Nguyen Than ∙ Christine Marie Nobre ∙ Irena Orlov ∙ Zdenka Palkovic ∙ Jean Jacques Porret ∙ Caroline Rexborg ∙ Rintaro ∙ Marisa Santos ∙ Carmen Selves ∙ Anna Sidana ∙ Merja Simberg ∙ Ronald Story ∙ TatjanaM ∙ Star Trauth ∙ Q. Wang ∙ Natalie Wiswell ∙ Stephen Wyler ∙ Dina Luzon Zaifer ∙ Tadas Zaicikas

Issue 8 of SPOTLIGHT Magazine is here and includes a selection of 56 internationally acclaimed artists working in a variety of discipline and involved with a wide range of concepts. Largely focusing on abstract work this issue proposes unique work that should be collected. We invite you to leaf through the magazine and connect with us directly to inquire about purchasing a piece or collaborating with a represented artist.
On the Front Cover - Stephen Blancett
On the Back Cover - Karin Monschauer

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Print copies of the 8th Issue of SPOTLIGHT Magazine are available for direct order to your address of choice.  This is a premium quality, glossy magazine at 21 x 29 cm (or 8.2 x 11.4 inches).  Magazine Details:  88 pages. Full color.  Printed in the Netherlands. Published in France by Circle Foundation Art Press. Distributed internationally.

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