Spotlight Magazine Cover Contest

Results Announcement

We thank all 421 participating artists from around the world that submitted artwork in almost every visual art category. Selecting only 6 artists was a very difficult task, as there were so many remarkable pieces in this contest. Our goal with Spotlight, also at the core of Circle's identity, is to promote diversity, uniqueness and originality while telling the story of what art looks like today. Please see below for the artworks that will feature on the Front Cover, Back Cover and First Artist presentations of the next two issues of Spotlight Magazine.

Front Covers

Issue 32 - Front Cover Artist - Derek Morris “Constellation No.1,” 2021 Mixed Media 62 x 56 x 8 cm (£2500)

Spotlight 33 - Front Cover Artist: Mauro Menin “Isolation” Oil on canvas 50 x 70 cm (€2,000)

Back Covers

Issue 32 - Back Cover Artist - Bernd Steinert “Androgynous” Oil on canvas 80 x 80 cm
Spotlight 33 - Back Cover Artist: Back Cover - Ilze Egle “Vulnerability” Graphite and color pencils on paper 62 x 64 cm (€2470)

First Artist

Spotlight 32 - First Artist: Gary Wagner “Skogafoss Glow” Photograph 16 x 20 in. ($475)

Spotlight 33 - First Artist: Tom Jean Webb “Nightflower” Acrylic, glitter, charcoal, oil and acrylic pastel on canvas 40 x 30 in. ($4,000)
and “The Inseparable Nature Of Land From Itself” Acrylic, oil, and acrylic pastel on canvas 70 x 50 in. ($11,000)

All artists have been personally emailed regarding the results of this contest.

If you have not yet received our email, please contact us at

In this contest the awards were as follows: 6 selected artists, 20 Finalists Awards, 60 Artistic Excellence Awards

All other participants have been issued a Participation Certificate.

To find out more about the selected artists, please stay tuned for the release of Issues 32 and 33 of Spotlight Magazine where you will be able to read a full feature on the artists and their work.