Stefania Angelelli

“Art is pure emotion and it should convey emotion both to those who practice it, and those who observe it. It is something that makes us evade and dream, something that takes us into another dimension every time we need to…”

Reproduction of “Venus” by Lorenzo Pecheux (1882) Oil on wood 30 x 40 cm

Born in 1969 in Macerata, Stefania Angelelli now lives in Piossasco, Italy. She is an award-winning self-taught artist with her works published in Current Masters Volume 2 book. She recently exhibited in Stia (AR) at the Old Masters Copies Exhibit and V International Exhibition of Contemporary Art - London, 2017.

"After a short experience of reproducing great masterpieces of past classical and modern artists, and from the practice of "observation and reproduction", there arose the curiosity to try out a painting style that I find most interesting, Hyperrealism. Hyperrealism allows working with subjects that I love for their aesthetic impact or subjects that  "exceed" the "external beauty" and reach a deeper meaning, representing a sort of message for the observer. Always trying, from a technical point of view, to reproduce reality in every detail. A third area I am experimenting with consists of completely abstract works, performed "straight off" and coming either from ideas offered by nature or from a purely pictorial instinct, open to being expressive and playing with color."

Nude Woman 1 Charcoal on paper 46 x 65 cm
Nude Woman 2 Charcoal on paper 32 x 50 cm
The Sands of Time Oil on canvas 35 x 45 cm
Beyond Chains Oil on wood 35 x 25 cm

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