Stefanie Schairer

"My proving ground I do find in painting, installation and performance/interaction in public space.
In my work, I am exploring and playing with different types of paint, colors, forms patterns and materials. My inspiration to play comes from observing human interactions and behaviors."

Cannot Believe - Acrylic, pencil on Yupo paper 28 x 35,5 cm

"I am an artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. My background is art therapy (MA) and social work. I have participated in national and international exhibitions, primarily in Germany and the United States during the last 14 years. I frequently collaborate with other artists on projects. These projects include "Please continue" (painting) with David Hage (USA) and Tuomo Heikkinen (Finland) and 2011 with Michael Adams (Zürich) "The barrel" adapted to the work of Caspar David Friedrich. From 2012 to 2013 JJ&SS – collaboration with Jana Jacob (Berlin). From 2015 to now collaboration with Sarah Valerie, NYC. For ten years I have been developing installations/happenings/interactions in public space.”


Publications and Awards

2018, Something in between,

2016, WALK WITH THE ARTIST, catalogue

2015, Catalogue, NEUE SINNLICHKEIT“, Magdeburg

2014, WETTBÜRO#3, performance,

2013, “BLIND DATE”,,

2012, LIMITED sketchbook project, NYC – The Arthouse Project,

2011, artist of the month June for interaction in public space, berlinerpool. Berlin



collaboration with gallery104, NYC

LIFE, Seoul, South Korea


Select Shows

2019 - Artspring, Berlin, open studio

2018 - Kap-HOORN ART for Contemporary Art, group show, Bremen, Germany

2017 - “Something in between” show with Jung In Kim, gallery LIFE, Seoul

2016 - “It is a long trip – you will have to be patient!”, project and show with Sarah Valeri (NYC) in NYC and Berlin

2015 - NEUE SINNLICHKEIT  Festival in a former prison, “There is more than one”, interactive installation, group show, Magdeburg, Germany

“It is a long trip – you will have to be patient!”, project with Sarah Valerie, NYC, show in Berlin

2014 - “Open HOUSE”, Group show in NYC

Hullabaloo 3, 2017 - Acrylic on translucent Yupo paper 58 x 89 cm
Landscape VII, 2020 - Acrylic, pencil on translucent Yupo paper 28 x 35,5 cm
Hullabaloo 2, 2017 - Acrylic, pencil on Yupo paper 89 x 58 cm
Landscape VIII, 2020 - Acrylic on translucent Yupo paper 28 x 35,5 cm

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