Stephen Spiller

"The acrimony in United States politics is appalling. Social, political, and cultural practices shape our lives. Our government is polarizing the electorate and emasculating our country. Who we are as individuals, and collectively as a nation, is reflected by our decisions and actions."

My Husband Is Waiting - Archival Pigment Print 10 x 23 in.

American Artist, Stephen Spiller lives and works in New York City.

"I’m self-taught and focus on social, cultural and political issues. I photograph mostly on instinct and aspire to understand the unconscious underpinnings of behavior. Examples of subjects that interest me, include beauty, fashion, prostitution, aging, gender, rape, misogyny, politics, etc. I think social change happens when people make connections that previously didn’t exist. Change starts even with one person when stunned by a moment of “A-HA”. Art creates such moments."

Spiller is a founding member of FotoNostrum, Barcelona, Spain’s largest photography gallery and has exhibited more than 75 times in the USA and international museums and galleries including The National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation, Thessaloniki, Greece and recently at the National Art Center of Tokyo, Japan. Nine of his images were recently published in FotoNostrum Magazine, Issue #1, April 30, 2020, accompanied by an in-depth interview.

Man With Portrait - Archival Pigment Print 10 x 25.25 in.
My Family Comes Here Every Summer - Archival Pigment Print 10 x 20 in.
They Stole The Money - Archival Pigment Print 10 x 23 in.
COVID HOAX - Archival Pigment Print 10 x 24.25 in.

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