Stina Engvall

"I think I am a very stubborn person and I don't finish a painting before I'm absolutely satisfied with the result."

The Lady with the Leopard Skin - Reverse glass painting, oil 80 x 80

"About four years ago I began to practice the complicated technique of reverse glass painting. In Finland, there is not even a decent word for this way of producing art. Through my mistakes, I hope I have achieved some skill, but with each new painting, I still discover a new aspect that I had not thought of before. It is possible to paint behind glass with acrylic colors, but I prefer oil, which has always been my favorite medium.

I have mostly used acrylic paint for the illustrations in my books. Besides art and music, writing is one of my passions, and by now I have published four books for children and three for adults.

In the small town of Kristinestad where I live, I run an art gallery. Here I organize different exhibitions every summer. For example, last summer I had an exhibition about Queen Kristina, who was the Queen of Sweden (and Finland) when Kristinestad was founded. I have also had exhibitions several times in Stockholm, Helsinki and many other towns in Finland.

Since 2016 I have participated in the most well known naivistic happening in Finland, which is held in Iittala every summer. In 2018 my paintings were accepted to the Art Naïve Festival in Katowice in Poland.

I find it difficult to place my own paintings in a certain genre, but I suppose they are a mixture of naïve, surrealistic art and phantasy. At least these kinds of art are the most inspiring to me. However, I do not think it is so important to put a label on a work of art."

Maestro - Reverse glass painting, oil 40 x 40
Meeting under the Apple tree - Reverse glass painting, oil 47 x 57
In the Garden of Freedom - Reverse glass painting, oil 37 x 48
The Conqueror - Reverse glass painting, oil 40 x 40

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