Susan Ashley

"I am an artist who experiments with different techniques using watercolor, acrylics, and collage. Since I value artwork that conveys a message, creating only what my eyes see is not my goal. The artistic term, Colorist, has described me. Color is strong in my work."

Sensei - Collage 38 x 38 in.

America Artist, Susan Ashley was born in Ohio and lived for several decades in the San Francisco Bay Area, formative years spent in Burlingame, California and then after college and marriage she moved to San Jose, CA.  Ashley studied at  University of California at Berkeley where she met her husband. "In my days in San Jose, I was working in a Gallery as a salesperson. I was privately working on workshops and studies of art. Eventually, after working as an Interior Designer for department stores, I found an opportunity to show my work publicly and was encouraged by awards such as a scholarship, 2007, to SF Academy of Art where I studied Anatomy. In December 2017, my husband and I made the move to southern California, Chula Vista. We love the new community with new friends and near family."

Pesky and Proud - Watercolor 24 x 18 in.
Impelling Ikebana - Digital media and collage 24 x 32 in.
New Man About Town - Collage 30 x 30 in.
Just A Woman - Paper collage 31 x 31 in.

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