Susan Monk

“Art is a reflection of the emotions of the artist as an individual. Seeing more than just a view or flowers but the abstract lines, movement, colour and harmony of the subjects. For me it is important when painting to follow my heart and true self, thereby transmitting the joy and energy.”

Pink Haze, 70 x 100 cm

“After a successful career as an Interior Designer in New Zealand, I decided to follow my passion for art and painting.  After studying in many countries I finally settled in Tuscany where here it is a joy to paint the marvelous ever-changing landscape, its colours and the emotions it transmits.”

Tuscany old rooves out, 70 x 90 cm
Valley of the vineyards, 64 x 105 cm
Colour fusions, 70 x 100 cm
My favourite poppies, 50 x 100 cm

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