Susan Platt

"I am a faded jeans and baggy shirt kind of gal. I prefer casual over formal-my hiking boots over heels. I love to stalk the light. I have been a photographer for 39 years. I owned a portrait and wedding studio and now my focus is wildlife, nature, abstract, and documentary photography."

Wild Mama - Digital photograph 24 x 20 in.

Be prepared to be inspired, delighted and visually stimulated by images that speak to the heart and the mind. Susan Platt is a fine art photographer that captures the world as only she sees it. It may be the silhouette of a rock formation sinking into the sunset or the simplicity of dewdrops dancing in the wind. Her images stir up unexpected emotions and thoughts in the viewer. 

Susan began photographing at the age of 8 and has not put the camera down since. Her keen eye for detail developed throughout her 25-year career as a portrait and wedding photographer. Her photographic journeys, also known as #Lightstalking adventures, have been the catalyst and inspiration behind each and every photo. Take a journey through her lens and experience the world as only she sees it.

Dew On A Feather - Digital photograph 10 x 15 in.
America's Mascot - Digital photograph 24 x 18 in.
Not Simple Vanity - Digital photograph 10 x 20 in.
Out Of The World - Digital photograph 30 x 20 in.

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