Sushila Oliphant

“I love to capture that wondrous spiritual feeling of awe that certain places in nature emit. I paint from those memories and the peace and joy of having been there - even if only in my imagination. Painting nature is so inspiring and is the food for my soul on its journey."

The Call, Pointilism - Acrylic on wood 18.25 x 5.75 in.

“Still Point Art Gallery's June 13, 2011 - September 30, 2011 exhibition was all about the essential nature of Nature. It was inspired by a passage by Henry David Thoreau, which ends with the words, "We can never have enough of Nature." Three of Sushila Oliphant's paintings were selected for this exhibition, and she was named an Artist of Distinction for her particularly wonderful and meaningful contributions.  They are beautiful...colorful, vibrant, rich...the tones are deep, akin to those of a haunting cello or lyric basso profondo. These paintings speak to the grandeur and splendor of Nature, calling us to bow with respect and in worship. Oliphant so perfectly captures that aspect of Nature that makes it bigger and greater than all of us, though we are all contained within it. She captures the spiritual aspect of Nature, that part that feeds our souls, that part that Thoreau honored in his writings about Nature, that part of which we can never have enough.”  - Christine Cote, Still Point Art Gallery


Select Awards

Fifth Place, Cash Prize,, international fine art juried competition,"Scapes - 2019," January 18, 2019

Honorable Mention,, international fine art juried competition,"Mind Spirit Emotion," December 14, 2018

Second Place, Deering Estates Show with GroveHouse Artists Gallery, July 1917

First Place, Deering Estates Show with GroveHouse Artists Gallery, July 29, 2016

Fourth Place, Deering Estates Show with GroveHouse Artists Gallery, July 31, 2014

First Place, Deering Estates show with Grove House Artists, July 26, 2013

Artist of Distinction, "We Can Never Have Enough of Nature," National Show, Still Point Art Gallery, June 2011

Founder's Choice Award, Infinity Gallery, International Digital Art Show, November - December, 2010

Artwork, colored pencil, chosen for the cover of "Natural Awakenings," Sarasota, Florida 2003

Poster of Mayan Calendar, with Sid Hollander,

Public Collection Archaeological Museum Yucatan

Los Pinnacles de Daniel - Acrylic on plywood 24 x 24 in.
Along the Trail - Acrylic on wood 9 W x 12 in.
Release - Acrylic on plywood 10 W x 21.5 H in.
Nature Walk - Color pencils 17.5 W x 11.5 in.

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