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“A painting/ image must transform into something which invokes an emotion from the viewer.”

Lost - Oil on archival mount board 65 x 76 cm

“I always wanted to be an artist and was taught privately when very young by an amazing artist who challenged me to try using all mediums and to use my imagination to create a unique style. Living on the coast in a beautiful town allows me to draw inspiration from my immediate surrounds as well as the bushveld on travels. I am seduced by all of Africa, the people, landscapes and the sea. My paintings, therefore, vary in size, medium and subject matter. I try to create a mood using either thin washes, brushwork or a pallet knife depending on size and subject matter. The substance of paint with careful use of color, tones, and light needs to be transformed into an image that invokes a mood or reaction to the image. I want my viewers to "feel" something. My portraits need to show the emotion behind the subject.”

Relics - Oil on linen board 80 x 68 cm
Proud Herder - Oil on linen 180 x 360 cm (Detail)
This Is Who I Am - Oil on linen canvas 110 x 790 cm
Silent Warrior - Oil on linen canvas 110 x 790 cm

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