Sylvia Audet

"I am influenced by the natural environment in which water and its vapors, whether mist, ice, snow, or clouds, bathe my paintings. Indeed, my paintings bear witness to an environment since nature has always been at the heart of my concerns."

Liberté - Acrylic on Gallery Canvas 24 x 24 in $1,200 CAD

Native of Lac-Mégantic, Sylvia Audet has lived surrounded by landscapes of water and mountains. From a young age, her passion for art has been expressed through a vast artistic production, supported by studies at the School of Fine Arts of Montreal (UQAM). She has also practiced various techniques while dedicating her career to teaching at all levels. After teaching pedagogy at the Faculty of Visual Arts at Laval University, Sylvia now devotes herself to the expression of her art.

Her artistic production has earned her numerous recognitions by peers in Quebec, Canada, France, Spain, the Vatican, Belgium, Italy, and California, USA. One of her works was selected, allowing her to be part of the Canadian delegation at the Carrousel du Louvre in 2016.

She is a member of the Canadian Artists, the Circle of Painters and Sculptors of Quebec, the Society of Canadian Artists, the Mondial Art Académia, and Fusion Art.  

Iris du Marais - Acrylic on Gallery Canvas 24 x 24 in $1,200 CAD
L'eau : Notre Grande Richesse - Acrylic on Gallery Canvas 40 x 30 in $2,200 CAD
Été Indien - Acrylic on Gallery Canvas 20 x 30 in $1,350 CAD
Rochers de la Baie de l'Épave - Acrylic on Gallery Canvas 30 x 30 in $2,000 CAD

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