Sylvia Mekhitarian

"I am driven by a concern for the current global environmental and social issues we face today. These ideas have influenced my perspective on life and the way I see the world."

Exerting control over nature - Stone lithography 39 x 28 cm

Born in Egypt, to Armenian parents, Sylvia Mekhitarian moved with her family to England during the Suez crisis. She was schooled in the UK and later migrated to Sydney, Australia where she married and had three children. She currently lives in the Blackall Range, QLD. During her university days, she lived in the coastal area of Byron Bay. After graduation, Sylvia held frequent solo shows in Australia. She experimented with printmaking techniques and since 2017 she has worked with lithography, spontaneously drawing directly onto the stone surface and marking using special crayons and tusche wash. Currently, her art is about environmental issues. Some of her artworks belong to private and public collections internationally.



BA (visual arts) and Teaching Degree (high school), Southern Cross University. NSW.

PG. Dep., Computer Education. Griffith University QLD.

Digital Art & Media Certificate, North Coast Institute of TAFE. NSW.

Graphic Design Diploma, North Coast Institute of TAFE. NSW.

Where is Arcadia - Stone lithography 49 x 70 cm
End of life - Stone lithography 49 x 70 cm
Levitate - Stone lithography - Stone lithography 32 x 42 cm
Bounding for freedom 2 - Stone lithography 24 x 16 cm

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