Symona Colina

"Perspective is like a world to see and to see a world, in which it is often more important how we see than what we see."

Storm - Oil on canvas 100 x 90 cm

Symona Colina was  born in 1954 in Ridderkerk, The Netherlands and has been actively showing her work internationally, including in The Netherlands, the United States, Italy, Spain, Belgium, England, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France. Symona  lives and works in Italy. 

"My work is like the wind since the wind encloses all I can feel and touch. Enclosed by the wind is where transparency lies ahead and time is left behind. That is where I am in wonder."

Art has many interfaces with existence. It is all around in its countless disciplines. And nevertheless unlimited. The interfaces employed by Symona Colina in the visual arts chiefly tie in with: 'spatial perception, spatial thinking and contemplation.' Through which infinity apparently comes within reach.

Fairytales - Oil on canvas 100 x 90 cm
Aeronauts - Colored pencil on paper A3
Nightlight - Colored pencil on paper A3
Cinders - Oil on canvas 100 x 90 cm

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