Tadashi Nishida (西田忠司)

"When I come into contact with images that have undergone various transformations in the process of retouching digital photographs, they evoke deeply buried memories. I attempt to express this perspective as an observer.
"In quantum physics, the observer and the observed cannot be separated. They are one."

May it be (2023) - Digital photo retouche in Photoshop 20 x 27 cm €475

“Walking continuously under the sun, one can see various natural phenomena. Things weathered by the passage of time, stains, scratches, and dirts that have been randomly placed on the surface. The process of photographing and retouching them is very interesting. Coming into contact with images that undergo various changes in the process of retouching evokes deep memories. In other words, as an observer, it is a pleasure to interact with the world created by the subconscious through the manifest consciousness. And the world of the subconscious mind as embodied is one of the important themes of my work.”

"Japanese artist, Tadashi Nishida was born in 1962 and resides in Tokyo. He graduated in Painting at the Tokyo Zokei University, Department of Art. The artist actively exhibits work in Europe and has been featured in publications like Art Anthology 2023 by Guto Ajayu Culture and World Art Guide 2023 by Bellamonti Art, to name just a few. 

Nishida's digital creations are characterized by a distinct originality and uniqueness that demands attention. One finds themselves particularly captivated by his "Damaged Art" series, evoking reminiscences of Robert Rauschenberg's iconic "Combine" paintings. These compositions are a harmonious interplay of vivid color palettes, expertly juxtaposed rectangular forms, meticulously arranged to strike a perfect equilibrium. Nishida's creative wellspring draws inspiration from the intricate realm of quantum physics and the subconscious echoes of forgotten memories. The fusion of these two concepts provides a rich and profound foundation for his emotionally charged, abstract compositions.

Intriguingly, the pieces in the 'Damaged' series often conjure the visual sensation of stained glass, with uneven, colored rectangles permitting the passage of light, giving birth to an intricate tapestry of harmoniously fused shapes.

Tadashi Nishida's portfolio also includes an array of mystical landscapes, where digital alchemy transforms ordinary images into extraterrestrial topographies. These surreal, inverted colorscapes are replete with textures that beckon the viewer to embark on an exploration of the intricate corners of each extraordinary world. Nishida's artistic prowess shines through, especially in his aptitude for employing unexpected color palettes. His digital art distinguishes itself by offering a rare treasure in the realm of computer-based art: rich and captivating textures, refined color schemes, and a compelling continuity that threads through the various narratives within his limited series of works.

Tadashi Nishida's art demands to be collected, whether in traditional print form, original pieces, or NFTs. His boundless creativity and singular vision mark him as a rising star in the art world, promising even greater artistic achievements in the future.” 

- Myrina Tunberg Georgiou, Curator at Circle Foundation

1 Activation (2023) - Digital photo retouche in Photoshop 30 x 30 cm €666
Entrance to parallel worlds (2023) - Digital photo retouche in Photoshop 20 x 20 cm €435
Emotion (2023) - Digital photo retouche in Photoshop 25 x 25 cm €538
Sentimental landscape (2023) - Digital photo retouche in Photoshop 20 x 20 cm €455

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