Greta Schnall

"Above all, I want to show how the simple, often depressing architecture on photos can be changed, with image editing, in an imaginative and exciting way. So one should come from the functional to the pure fantasy motive, through which one can be inspired variously."

Yellow Apartment Tower - Digital media 3973 x 6316 px

Digital Artist, 1964 born in Simbach/Inn, Germany



Greta is constantly exhibiting her early works in medical practices and clinics in Chiemgau.

In addition to a previous exhibition in Switzerland, Greta Schnall then exhibited solo or in groups in various cities in Germany.

Her latest participation in group exhibitions were in 2019, 2020 and 2021 in Germany, Italy, England, Czech Republic, Japan, China, Spain, and France.:

In May 2019 she participate at “Woman`s Essence Concomitant Event of official Pavilion 58th Biennale di Venezia“ - Palazzo Ca´Zenobio“ with Musa International Art Space. July – September she took part at “Anima Mundi Festival 2019 – Consciousness Itsliquid International Art Festival“, Venice, The ROOM Contemporary Art Space, with Itsliquid Group. In September - October she took part at the „London Contemporary International Art Fair“ at The Line Contemporary Art Space. And in December she exhibit in Prague at „We Contemporary Art Show 2019“, in Topic Salon with Musa International Art Space.

In May 2020 she participate in the exhibition with the title: „Befreite Kunst“ at the Marziart Gallery in Hamburg. In August, in Zürich, SBB Eventhalle Hauptbahnhof, SWISSARTEXPO 2020, “Artbox.Project Zürich 2.0”. In September 2020 in Tokyo, she took part  in the exhibition “Shibuya Station Exhibition”. And in October to November 2020 in Zürich again, in the Artbox.Gallery, “Artbox.Project Barcelona 1.0”.  In December she exhibit with the Gallery Rossocinabro, Rome, at „XVI Giornata Del Contemporaneo, AMACI“ – „A Plural Identy“ and in December 20 – January 21 at „Realities In The Making“ and at “In Times Of Change” with Gallery Rossocinabro, Rome.

In February 2021 in Venice, she took part on “Contemporary Venice 2021 - Itsliquid International Art Fair”, with Itsliquid Group. In April 2021 she took part on the „World Art Fair Dubai“ on Screen. In July 2021 she exhibit with Itsliquid Group on „Barcelona Art Fair 2021“. In August 2021 she take part on „Affordable Art Fair Hongkong“ with Gallery Makowski, Berlin. In August too she is exhibiting at the "INCorporating Art Fair Hamburg“, also with the Makowski Gallery, Berlin. And in September 2021 she participate on „Contemporary Art Fair Paris“ with Gallery Makowski, Berlin.



2013 Docma Award, Thema: “Natürlich!? – Schöner als wahr“, 1. Platz Auszubildende

2015 Weissenburger Fototage, Top 50

2015 Fotoforum Award, Top 50

2018 Finalist Certification Spectrum Miami Art Fair Competition

2019 Finalist Certification for participation in Art San Diego Contest 2019, with Artavita

2019 Finalist Certification for participation in Art San DiegoContest2019, with Circle Foundation for the Arts

2019 Awarded with the WAA Women's Art Award, MUSA International Art Space, Venedig

2019 Finalist Certification Spectrum Miami Art Fair Competition with Circle Foundation for the Arts

2019 Finalist Certification for Competing for Exhibition at Art Expo New York April 2020, with Artavita

2020 Finalist of the 14th Artelaguna Prize, Venice, with Artelaguna World

2020 Selected Artist for the online Show “Art in the time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing” with Circle Foundation for the Arts

Old House - Digital media 3236 x 4302 px
White City - Digital media 5078 x 4790 px
White Village - Digital media 6179 x 5367 px
Orange Windows - Digital media 6271 x 7159 px

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