"My art is focused on emotions and mostly humans. We all have unlimited potential which is downloaded in each and every one of us. We just need to discover it. I believe in reflection and awareness and want to inspire the viewer to see there is more than the seen."

Awareness 3.0. Crying The Old Story Out - 33 x 24 cm

"I am a creative soul and love to paint and draw. During my life, I have been working in different areas and branches in the corporate world, but last year I took a decision to focus on my art and that, turned out to be the best decision I ever made. This journey is very special and amazing in so many ways. I want to share everything that I have been experiencing through my artworks and to share the hope, that is never going away, no matter what life brings. I am truly fascinated with eyes and the reflections of the inner person. We all have so much inside of us and I want the viewer to start to see the deeper dimension of life."

Annamaria Johansson aka BeyondArt is a Swedish artist working with painting and drawing. Asked to describe her works in a few words, Annamaria replied "Emotions inspire expressions" which is a very accurate way to point to the vibrancy and energy her paintings reveal.  More of her unique pieces covering a variety of subjects can be seen on her personal website.

Survivor - 55 x 46 cm
Johnny Run Away Now - 35 x 44 cm
True Colors - 15 x 20 cm
Mind Your Own Business #Bosslady - 33 x 41 cm

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