Cheryl R Richardson

"There is absolutely no doubt colour and shape catch my attention to begin with. It can be ever so simple eg. 2 colours together that scream bliss to me or a landscape with a particular form. I begin with pencil sketches, watercolours then an acrylic painting. I spend a lot of time on preparation."

SUNLIT - Acrylic on canvas 23 x 29 cm

"After perfecting the disciplined art of Chinese Brush Painting over and beyond 30 years I felt a great need to break free of those restraints so 15 years ago I added acrylic to my repertoire. My practice consists of fine sketches, followed by little watercolours which then lead onto actual paintings. Having performed this exacting ritual time and time again I'm more than ready to just have fun with the painting itself basically from the imprint of all that has gone before. My brush is just an extension of what lies within as it dances and dots across the canvas. Colour and form just happen and slowly life starts to emerge from a blank canvas and eventually a finished product sits before me. So absorbed am I that I'm unaware of the process that has just occurred. The vision of mind is now a true reality no longer a dream. I have won 5 First Prizes in various competitions, 2 Highly Commendeds, 5 Commendeds, 1 Honourable Mention, and been a Finalist 11 times. I have been selected to exhibit at The Other Art Fair in Sydney on 3 occasions."

Cheryl R Richardson is an Australian artist living in Sydney.

PERFECT PALM PARADISE - Acrylic on canvas 76 x 60 cm
FIVE PALMS - Acrylic on canvas 45 x 61 cm
HIGHWAY TO HAPPINESS - Acrylic on canvas 61 x 91 cm
HARBOUR HEART - Acrylic on canvas 30 x 25 cm

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