Cordula Rock

"In art the cosmic beauty that underlies everything can be experienced. Art gives me the space to allow something new. The artist must not allow himself to be determined - he must be the creator himself. He has to leave MARKS!"

Passion - Collage and mixed media on wooden panel, in shadow gap, 83,5 x 63,7 cm

German artist, Cordula Rock was born 1964 in Munich, Germany, and today she lives in Woodlake, a village near Munich. Rock studied art at Academy of Fine Art Munich. She had also long private lessons with the German artist Jürgen Welker (pupil of Prof. Markus Lüpertz, Germany) and moreover she was taught by the German artist Gabriele Musebrink.

Colour-Dance - Mixed media on canvas 140 x 180 cm
Lavender-landscape - Mixed media on canvas 110 x 150 cm
View into Paradise - Mixed media on canvas 130 x 150 cm
Vastness - Mixed media on canvas 80 x 130 cm

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