Cristina Corvino

"In the past two years, my production has focused on the creation of a number of works from the "Time Machines" series that investigate the social role of women throughout history, these works belong to the style of Conservative Art, a term coined with a registered trademark."

Nonnità - Mixed media 140 x 160 cm

Italian artist, Cristina Corvino attended the Liceo Artistico Renato Cottini as a pupil of Antonio Carena, an established painter known for the "Heavens", and of the designer Giorgio Ceretti, known for the creation of the "Pratone" sofa. The teachings of these masters gave Corvino an aptitude for research and a passion for art that will grow and become expressed in a variety of visual languages: painting, installations, fashion, theater; experimentations which over time will give life to mixed media series of works, independent of the will of the client.

With a Degree in Architecture and a career as architect and restorer, Cristina Corvino continues her artistic activity in parallel. In some cases inserted as an integral part of the workspace and in other cases as a continuous comparison with ancient works and various executive techniques.

#Io Resto a Casa - Oleographic printing and mixed media 56 x 70 cm
Rinominata COVID19 in Italy - Mixed media 112 x 140 cm
Creazione - Mixed media 140 x 160 cm
Rinominata Distanziamento Sociale - Mixed media 140 x 160 cm

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