Helga Palasser

"Art is food for our souls. I am trying to make my very personal perception visible through my art language."

BETWEEN - Clay burnt with bark 60 x 60 x12 cm

Helga Palasser is a trained sculptor from Austria who gained her diverse working experience especially by traveling to different places around the world like California, Nepal, Zimbabwe, and several European countries. One of her specialties is modelling portraits out of clay giving them a unique liveliness and familiarity that goes far beyond mere depiction. Besides this realistic approach, a strong impetus towards abstract forms characterizes her work although there is always a concrete experience in which these forms are grounded. In her recent work, Palasser focusses on the subject of interculturality and connects the process of artistic production with intercultural exchange. Her latest work in this respect was exhibited at Venice ART Biennale “Personal Structures” 2019.

Helga’s work is characterized by figurative motifs as well as abstract forms. The heavy compact material of clay is transformed into light fine shapes that could occasionally give the impression of drawings when looked at from the distance. When looked at closer, the corporal aspect of weight imposes itself without diminishing the lightness of the forms, however. 

BUTTERFLY - Clay with blue pigment 38 x 27 x 14 cm
THIRD SPACES: The Bridge to the Other is Imagination - Clay installation 230 x 210 x 15 cm
Desert Rose - Clay burnt 35 x 35 x 21 cm
FLOW of WAVES - Clay installation120 x 80 x 12 cm

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