Hiromi Kawano

"In 2021, due to the influence of Covid-19, I couldn't go out on the city as I expected, so I had more opportunities to take pictures of rain and flowers. The transitions of nature change my artwork. For example, 4 seasons in Japan, flowers, trees, leaves, light, rain, raindrops, etc…”

Bamboo - Multiple exposure photograph 3024 x 4031 px

“My name is Hiromi Kawano. I was born in Saitama prefecture, near Tokyo, Japan. As a child, I grew up familiar with many flowers and trees. I also had the opportunity to see many beautiful kimonos because my mother was tailoring them. At university, I studied Japanese classical literature and language. Nature, kimonos, and literature continue to have a great influence on my artistic practice. In 1994 I began working on a Power Macintosh 7100 to produce my first digital illustrations. Since 1998 I have worked as a freelance Illustrator and Designer. Apart from my day job, I was looking for a creative way to express my style. In fall of 2015 I realized that multiple exposures in digital photography were exactly what I was looking for. An image is made by superimposing multiple photographs in a complicated manner. I named it Parallel PhotoArt. The artwork is currently published on Instagram and Facebook.”

Green onion universe - Multiple exposure photograph 3024 x 4031 px
Meditation - Multiple exposure photograph 3024 x 4031 px
One summer day - Multiple exposure photograph 3024 x 4031 px
My dandelion - Multiple exposure photograph 3024 x 4031 px

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