Gianfranco (John) Gambardella

"I am a predominately self-taught artist and a realist by nature, this is expressed in my art. My direction in art is to seek and define new boundaries and to excite and evoke interest in the viewer. My art is my escape, my passion, my reward in life."

Arlecchino di Venezia - Acrylic on canvas 76 x 76 cm

Born in Trieste, Italy, artist Gianfranco (John) Gambardella draws from his Italian artistic heritage. Based in Melbourne, Australia, he is predominately a self-taught artist and a realist by nature. Gambardella is inspired by places that surround him or visits in his travels. His love of structure and colour is evident in his reach art palette, using various techniques to create enigmatic compositions in his search for new methods of expression.

Throughout his life, Gambardella has always continued to keep interest and self-development in fine art. Over time, he has been privileged to have exhibited at various notable art awards and exhibitions nationally and internationally. Most recently, Gambardella was the recipient of a Masters Art Award from ArtTour International Inc., which is to be presented in Florence, Italy, 2020, and the Winner Certificate for the Artavita Online Art Contest (New York City, USA), 2020.

Mascherata al ballo di Venezia - Charcoal on parchment paper 85 x 65 cm
Rio dei Miracoli – Venezia - Oil pastels on parchment paper 80 x 70 cm
Tramonto di Venezia - Acrylic on canvas 76 x 76 cm
Sotto il Ponte Rialto – Venezia - Charcoal/pastel on paper 86 x 62 cm

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