Jon Barlow Hudson

"I have been creating large-scale sculpture projects for public and other environments since 1976, with my first commission in 1979, through Miami Metro/Dade, for Homestead Public Library. Since then, I have created dozens of such projects throughout the States, in 27 other countries."

SYNCHRONICITY:MINQIN, c. 2019, - Stainless steel, Minqin Intl. Desert Sculpture Museum, Gobi Desert, Gansu, China

"My sculpture projects tend to be abstract, often geometric in one way or another. Certain projects might have more literal or figurative aspects, such as my 'ETRUSCAN MAENAD' series. The stone sculptures tend to be a balance of natural aspects with human interventions. My sculpture may be seen as iconic for the most part, or symbolic, very often referencing a center, whether actual or spatial.  It often works with balance; space in contrast with form; implied space; ambiguity if incorporating mirror surfaces; light and darkness; a continuum or movement and flow, such as a vortex."



Master Fine Arts, 1972, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

Bachelor Fine Arts, 1971, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA

Bachelor Fine Arts, 1975, Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH

PARADIGM, c.1988 - Stainless steel, World Expo 1988, Brisbane, Australia
CLOUD HANDS I, c. 1994 - Granite & stainless steel, Europos Parkas Sculpture Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania
THE COMMON GOOD, c. 2017 - PA granite, Cooper Park, Dayton, OH
EIDOLON:CENTER OF LEARNING, c.2020 - Stainless steel, Memorial Librarys, Central State Univ., Wilberforce, OH

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