Ken Beckles

"I am an abstract painter and I am also a photographer. I started off as a photographer and gradually moved onto painting. I now work in both forms which keeps them fresh and exciting."

The Fool On The Hill - Acrylic paint/Plexiglas 62 x 28 in.

"The best way to describe my art is to say that it is totally abstract, with large areas of varied colors that are sometimes splashed or solid and very linear in nature. The shapes are very unusual and the colors at times are also unusual. There are also some very hard edges, sometimes there are circles and sometimes there are small paintings within the paintings. My approach to doing the paintings also varies in that sometimes I work from drawings done to scale and then at times I draw directly on the surface because the concept is so clear that I can go directly to executing it. I have a continuing flood of ideas that I am constantly tapping into and as I do more paintings the greater the flow of ideas. I also work in multiple styles that each lead to a series of paintings and every now and then one of those paintings opens another door leading to a whole new series of paintings. The paintings seem to have a mystic power of their own and they seem to capture a flash of emotion and freeze it in time like a camera does but since they take longer to complete they cover a greater range of emotions. The paintings can best be described as abstract color jewels that have fallen from the cosmos like comets or shooting stars."

Seven Deadly Sins - Acrylic paint/Wood 90 x 51 in.
Horned Pygmies - Acrylic paint/Wood 72 x 38 in.
Diabolique - Acrylic paint/Canvas 84 x 54 in.
Afrosteampunk - Acrylic paint/Plexiglas 54 x 22 in.

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